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Daily Shuttles in Costa Rica

Daily shuttles are very popular all around Costa Rica, it’s the second most used transportation service among turists after public buses. The difference between them, is simply the quality and advantage that our daily shuttles offers. Starting with the fact that it’s a door to door service, that means we pick you up from the airport, hotel or house at the departing time and we drop you off at your exact destination.

This gives you more flexibility and forget about waiting at bus stations, traveling standing up, or being worried about your luggage. Tropical Tours Shuttles guarantees a comfortable and safe trip to your dream destination.

Plus all our spacious medium size buses are all equipped with air-conditioning, comfortable seats, wifi and all permits up to date.

Shuttle Bus departing from Arenal

How this daily service works?

Medium size shared buses leaving every day from our list of destinations around Costa Rica, specially on the pacific coast and San Jose. Normally we do only one departure in the morning per day, but some destinations requires 2 departures per day, we made it that way in order to offer a better service to our clients. Destinations like Liberia Airport, Tamarindo and Sámara are some of them.

The bus picks everyone at the departing time from their locations, taking them to their desired destination. Costa Rica looks like a small country, but getting from one place to another can be complicated because our roads system, weather and traffic. That’s why daily shuttles take normally more than 2 hours on the shortest distances and up to 5 hours on the long ones. Take that in mind when you are estimating arrival times at you hotels or if you are planning to catch a plane.

If shared buses is not what you are looking for, then check out our private transportation and learn more about this service.

How to reserve?

In our inquiry form, tab on “daily”, and you will access all our departures & destinations. For prices, just enter the departing place and destination and it’ll show right under the form. Or, you can reach us by phone or social media options, see the “Contact us” box for more information. Remember you can also visit us at our office in Santa Teresa Costa Rica for further questions.

Every transportation inquiry you send us will be processed before approval, this because we ensure the best option available according to your needs. As soon as we approve your inquiry, a PayPal link will be send to your email in order to proceed with the payment, once the payment is done your reservation is ready.

Our recommendation

Before you arrange a daily shuttle think about all the advantages you will get with it, if you’re thinking that 4 hours is too much time to get to your destination, just imagine how long that trip is going to take by public bus, with all the stops and line waiting. Also, take in mind that bus terminals are normally located on centric places and your final destination is probably far from there, which means, in some cases you will end up taking a taxi and paying even more than a daily shuttle ticket.

With that been said, now you have a quick idea of how it works. It’s not an easy job, but we happily work hard to provide the best service to our clients.

All vehicles include


Air conditioning

Comfortable seats

transportation permits

Most popular daily shuttles


San Jose to Santa Teresa 08:00 5 hrs


San Jose to Tamarindo 07:30 14:00 4 hrs


San Jose to Montezuma 08:00 5 hrs


Liberia Airport to Santa Teresa 08:00 15:00 5 hrs


Liberia Airport to Tamarindo 15:00 2 hrs


Tamarindo to Samara 08:00 2 hrs


Samara to Santa Teresa 08:15 15:15 4 hrs


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