Traveling by plane can save you time, but what happens after you arrive? Tambor Airport in Costa Rica has no town nearby or frequent buses or shuttles leaving the airport, taxis are available waiting sometimes, but that doesn’t guarantee your transportation after arriving, specially on high season with several landings and departures during the day.

That’s why we recommend you to book your taxi at least one day before, to avoid waiting times and to make your trip more enjoyable. We also offer taxis from Santa Teresa and Montezuma back to Tambor Airport. Take also in mind that all towns are around 45 minutes away or more, this means if you book your taxi on the last minute there is a waiting time in order to get to the airport plus the trip to your hotel on dusty roads.

Tambor Airport Taxi Bus

How to reserve a taxi from Tambor Airport?

Don’t waste your valuable vacation time and book with us your taxi in advance fast and easy, all you have to do is go to our inquiry form and click on the “Taxi” yellow tab, fill the form, send us your request and we’ll get back you you with a paypal link. In case you don’t have internet access just call us to reserve.

Flight services to Tambor

In Costa Rica we have 2 popular local flight companies flying to Tambor Airport. One is called Sansa and the other one is Nature Air. Both offer similar prices and expectations, is up to you which to choose according to your necessity. They offer several flights per day including Tambor, which means a quick option to get around after you arrive in Costa Rica.

TMU Airport Taxi Services

To & from:

  • Cabuya $50 1 hr
  • Playa Hermosa $60 1 hr
  • Montezuma $50 45 min
  • Santa Teresa & Malpais $60 1 hr


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